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Deborah Jean Hall

I Am A Published Author, Poet, And Songwriter

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From The Beginning – Women of Verve

| Inspirational | No Comments
From the Beginning   Who is Jesus to you? I grew up a preacher’s daughter. Throughout my childhood Jesus wasn’t…

Letting Go: A Story of Healing

| Inspirational | No Comments
Letting Go: A Story of Healing   Something incredible happened yesterday. I went to town to get my hair highlighted…

20 Things I Learned From My 20s

| How to | No Comments
  Life isn't easy. You have to learn if you want to survive. Here are 20 things I learned from…

What I’ll Leave Behind

| Poetry | No Comments
I’ll have to leave this body when it dies But I will still be alive My spirit will shine in…


I’ve written seven books, was published at the age of 25, have written for numerous magazines, and I am skilled in the styles of both fiction and non-fiction.

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I really enjoyed this fantasy story! It is brilliantly written with beautiful scenery and vivid characters. The plot is very well developed with lots of layers. I really enjoyed the fast paced read. It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. Life is going along as usual and then something happens and a whole new world opens up!

I loved reading this book. I couldn't put it down until I was finished. The beautiful settings & descriptions of the characters made me want to be there & to know them. It left me wanting to read more.

Wow! Awesome read!!! Fully of mystery and magic!!! Couldn't put the book down once I
started reading it!!! Best read this year!!!