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By Deborah Jean Hall

Centuries ago in the Colorado mountains, the murder of a native girl gave birth to a supernatural evil that haunted and killed whoever entered the land. The great spirit of the mountain, however, was grieved by the release of the darkness, and created a spirit woman, Zella, to war against the evil.
Zella fights the darkness with her divine blade, spirit-filled animals made of the elements of the forest, and the power of rebirth. The evil, however, rages on, taking people’s lives through hunting them with the face of their own fears and regrets. Zella is bound to forever fight the evil of the land until the power of true love can break the curse of the mountains and set her free.
Joseph Daniels is a New York businessman whose risk-taking personality has brought him to bankruptcy. In a swift turn of events his estranged stepfather died and left him over fifty-thousand acres of private Colorado mountain property.
When Joseph uses the inheritance to start over, he is shocked to find a young girl living on the property. She claims to be Joseph’s stepfather’s daughter and true heir to the mountains.
Wanting her kept quiet, Joseph starts an investigation to shine light on the girl’s past, find out what really killed his stepfather, and why he feels the mountains calling to him. He soon discovers a world of extravagant beauty, his deepest fears come to life, and how the power of true love can change his life forever.

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