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One summer day, I was watching a spoken word video, and I realized there was a trend in the wording of all of the Christian videos I had seen. They used phrases like “Lamb of God,” “It’s all in the Name,” “Omniscient,” “Washed in the blood,” “King of kings,” “Lord of lords,” etc. I understood all these phrases because I was raised in the church and have read the Bible, which is where most of these phrases come from. But I had a thought: What if I wasn’t raised in the church and I watched these videos? It would be like watching a powerful video but in a language I didn’t understand.

I asked God, “Who are You to me? Who are You to my generation?

This is what He spoke over me.


Talk to Me


Let Me hear your words

Speak or sing your heart’s melody

Open the door. Let Me in, this is God talking, knocking

I know you think that no one can help and that you’re lost

But you’re not

Because I found you, and yes, I know everything that’s going on

I just want to hear it from you

I want you to know that you can trust Me and that I won’t leave

Believe that I am more than what they say that I am because I am the

I Am

And I know you don’t know what that means,

Because you’ve heard phrases tossed around like “I Am” in church

But I know that you give gift cards, not gold, frankincense, or myrrh

And you heard that I’m the healer, but you see that the world is still sick

That I am the comforter, but you’re still scared like you were when you were a kid

I am the beginning, but you don’t know where your beginning began

They use words to describe Me like; holy, mighty, and righteous, and I am

I am the lion of Judah, but you’ve only seen a lion trapped in the pen at the zoo

I am the commander of armies, but you say no one has ever fought for you

I am the living water, but you prefer scotch as your medicine

Because you don’t understand that I am the I Am

So, let Me put it to you in your language

I am the TV show that never grows old

I have endless seasons with endless plot twists you don’t see coming

That not even Netflix can pick or hold

I am more social than social media, on your computer or phone

I am the profile of true identity

The kind you don’t have to click on to find home

I am the Uber that will always come and get you

To carry you exactly where you need to go

I am a better guide than Google Maps

And the genius behind all the apps you misuse to distract yourself from Me

I am more informed than the news but that’s not hard to do, you see

I am more artistic than Pinterest

And more accessible than WIFI

I am more than what Craigslist could sell or buy

I am connection, the kind you can’t find online and Tinder can’t provide

I am your completion, the filler of that hole you’ve got inside

I am fulfillment that success can’t bring you

I am more high than marijuana can get you

I am the Will Turner whose blood was spilt to break your dead man’s curse

I am the Superman who came from the heavens down to your earth

I am the healing you can’t find in essential oils

The truth you can’t find in new age morals

I am the love you think only happens in novels

I am more loyal than any comic book character you read about in Marvel

I am the fingertips that wipe away your tears

I am the kiss that shatters your fears

And I am standing out here knocking on your door

Asking you to accept My friendship but you ignore

But I am not Facebook, because I want something real with you

For you to know Me and Me to know you, I want you

But you haven’t let anyone in because you’ve never been convinced

That love could make you come alive within

But I can, because I am love

And I am life, and I am the creator of words

Written as poetry from a husband to His wife

And this is My love story in your language, my friend

So, talk to Me

This is God talking

Let me in.


I had written a few poems in college, but I had never written a spoken word before. I was 26, and I supposed I could do a Facebook live, which I had also never done before. I spent a week trying to memorize this spoken word poem, and then the day came: I shared it with my friends on Facebook live. I forgot to make it public, so I only reached about 800 people. The feedback, however, was tremendous. My family members called me to talk about it, old friends from college told me they could now understand how much God loved them, and one girl told me she accepted Christ after watching it. Praise God!

A few years later, I saved up enough money to make a professional video, which is what you can see on my website now. I hope it encourages people in this generation—and many generations—that God is love. He sent His only Son to die and rise again so that sinners can be saved and have a relationship with Him

John 14:6 “Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

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